Tuesday, June 23, 2009

from POST-POST & The Apocalypse Somewhere: Zach Storm

Executed as if a visualization of stream of consciousness poetry, Zach Storm’s mixed media collages possess a remarkable vulnerability. The series provides a glimpse into various stages of emotional hurt the artist experienced as the result of the difficult break up of a relationship. The pieces consist of delicate line drawings in pen, ink or marker and added elements of stickers and collage creating small but detailed image montages. Through fantastic, surrealist scenes and cinematic film references, Storm blends sci-fi components with natural elements such as birds, butterflies and plant foliage.

Most works feature a solitary, often sad, male figure surrounded by word fragments and pictorial elements, such as birds or space stations. Words exist as equal components within the composition of the pieces. The artist’s delicate sense of humor is interspersed with celebrity name-dropping. The text serves as a visual and poetic element, providing meaning. Through his willingness to share his experience in such a straightforward and honest manner, Storm provides a glimpse into the hurt most of us have felt at one point in time while leaving or being left by a loved one, while simultaneously exploring humor as a way to cope with the most difficult of times.

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that was coolest thing anyone has ever typed about be.