Thursday, October 11, 2007

Starlings, Spheres and Sequences

Anna Hepler, Fall, Scatter, Float, DeCordova Annual, 2006

"Galleries are stores for art. Chelsea is a mall." Anna Hepler

Hepler was a Visiting Artist today at Montserrat College of Art where she spoke very eloquently about contemporary art making. Obsessed with swarms and the movement of particles suspended in space, Hepler uses simple materials to create sophisticated prints, drawings, and three dimensional spatial constructs. In addition, she de-constructed her own creative process and asked critical questions about the art world and what it means to be an artist in our society today. Her advice for artists is to follow every path of inquiry even if it takes you outside of the realm of art making, for you never know where it lead you or your work.

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Jessica Yvonne Lewis said...

Thanks for having Anna as well as all the awesome visiting artists this semester!